Balloting Of Nova City Phase 1 (Peshawar Division)

Nova City Phase-1 Division takes enormous pride in organizing splendid events. One such event is balloting. Nova Group consciously and heartily has managed to secure the best of balloting while keeping great care of the interests of both customers and investors. Nova City Phase-1 knows the needs and demands of investors; therefore, the Nova Group’s team endeavors to ensure the utmost convenience of the stakeholders at all levels.
Buyers and Investors are fully aware of Nova City Phase-1’s prime location in the heart of the city. Therefore, Nova Group has given them access to an excellent opportunity of claiming their dream life. Balloting at Nova City Phase-1’s is indeed a lucrative opportunity to invest with the best Real Estate Giant.

Nova City Phase-1 has not just earned the name, but a big reputation as well just by coherently realizing the needs of the buyers, clients, and plot holders. Therefore, the stakeholders have always been curious to explore more of Nova City Phase-1. In this regard, Nova City Phase-1 decided to organize a mega event – an event that celebrated the success of Nova’s management and the cooperation of the stakeholders. In this event, you saw Nova City Phase-1 fulfilling the promise that it made to you and appreciated each and every moment and effort which has been placed to reap the benefits of such hard work.

Balloting And Allotment

Nova City Phase-1 was aware of the increasing demand for a luxurious lifestyle. Fortunately, Nova  City Phase-1 set the stage to introduce inclusive balloting to entertain the valuable Pakistani public. So, Nova Group has planned a massive extension of lands to take ownership of a property easy for flooding buyers and investors. In this regard, Nova City Phase-1 has conducted fair and successful balloting once on the 23rd of March, 2022 for the comfort of customers, and while being determined to continue the legacy; on 21 May Nova City Phase-1 successfully organized balloting leading to multiple yet beneficial allotments is a win-win situation for all of the loyal customers.

Balloting Event of
Nova City Peshawar

Congratulations to those who got an opportunity to be a part of the second successful balloting organized by Nova Group on 21st May 2022. Nova City Phase-1 entertained thousands of clients in the first event but this one gave that amount a booster shot. Therefore, we accommodated the maximum number of candidates as compared to the last time. So, whoever started preparing for another grand occasion surely reaped fruit in the form of desired results?

Site Revelation

We are earnestly pleased to declare that Nova City Phase-1 has embarked on site revelation on the very day of its 2nd balloting, 21st May. This made the event mandatory for all the stakeholders to attend and see Nova unraveling the ways of happiness and merriment.
Nova City Phase-1 is a project of great significance in the world of Real Estate and the successful balloting event has proved it. We have collaboration throughout Pakistan and the globe which has heightened the glory of our mega event. We believe in the beauty of dreams and we have converted the beauty into a reality adored and appreciated by our stakeholders on a large scale.
Without wasting precious time, Nova City Phase-1 has communicated the needs of the plot holders in this balloting and those who are in queues – we assure them a greater benefit for their patients. We assure you that their investments will give them a chance to explore more perks with Nova group in the future.